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Member Services Group

Member Services Group

FGU is working to develop a cost effective Sales & Marketing program to help certain LDC members grow their commercial and residential customer classes. FGU will utilize sales and marketing techniques to identify, communicate with, and sign potential customers. Appropriate marketing materials will be used to support program activities and will be consistent with existing state-wide natural gas advertising and marketing efforts. If desired, FGU will partner with an outside third party contractor for all work beyond the meter – acquiring equipment and appliances, install house piping and ventilation, etc. FGU will monitor activities and provide status reports to show the success of the program for each member.

Through a directive, FGU will provide project management services for nearly any gas-related project. FGU’s involvement in a project can range anywhere from consultation throughout a project to complete turn-key services. Some of these services include contract negotiations, coordinating engineering work, construction management, installation of a new tap, securing materials, obtaining permits, and all other facets associated with gas main work. Members are only responsible for paying third parties – FGU’s project management work is included with membership!

The Federal Department of Transportation requires all utilities, transmission, and liquid pipeline operators to prepare and submit a written public awareness plan to support the Recommended Practice 1162 (RP1162) which notifies and educates the general public regarding natural gas safety procedures. FGU develops and conducts Public Awareness Plans for some of its members and ensures they fulfill the requirements set forth.

To ensure that members are in compliance with the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) regulations, FGU can assist members with operations related tasks upon request. FGU will review operator qualification standards, evaluate Operator & Maintenance (O&M) manuals, and confirm that members are performing the required tasks, such as leak surveys.

Throughout the last 25 years, FGU has developed numerous relationships with companies throughout the natural gas industry. Members can request recommendations for services in a variety of areas, such as engineers, contractors, consultants, and legal assistance, just to name a few. Besides FGU’s third party connections, FGU can poll its members for information or experiences that another member has already endured.